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Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Dog Bites > What Happens if You are Attacked By a Vicious Dog?

What Happens if You are Attacked By a Vicious Dog?


There is no doubt that dogs are a beloved creature by many; they are “man’s best friend.” But, what happens when man’s best friend turns on you? Some dog breeds are vicious by nature and that viciousness is brought out further by the environment that the dog is raised in. If a dog bites someone there can be serious consequences, not just legally, but in the tragedy of injuries sustained by the victim.

One such example of a tragic injury is an 11-year-old boy who was attacked in Northwest Jacksonville. The dog jumped the fence of its home and attacked the little boy who was playing in his backyard. The boy suffered multiple bites to his leg and his right thumb was severed, requiring reattachment by doctors. The dog had attacked his owner two weeks prior to injuring the 11-year-old, according to News 4 Jax. The owner previously tried to get rid of the dog after the initial attack, but could not afford the Animal Control fees to have it taken away. The dog was removed from the owner’s home two days after the attack on the little boy and will be put down.

Florida Dog Biting Laws

Florida Statutes Chapter 767 state that an owner is liable for the damages suffered by the person bitten, regardless of the owner’s former viciousness of the dog or the owner’s knowledge of the viciousness. An owner’s liability is reduced if the victim’s negligence was a proximate cause of the incident. The liability is reduced by the percentage that the victim’s negligence contributed to the incident.

Damages Available 

The more severe the injury, the more damages that are potentially available. Monetary damages available for victims of dog bite injuries may include:

  • Medical Bills – This includes both past and future bills. It is important to keep track of all medical expenses, including hospital bills, doctors visits, treatments, medication, etc.- to be used for insurance purposes or for litigation. It is also possible to receive compensation for cosmetic surgery to remove scars from the bites.

  • Lost Wages – If the dog bite injury kept you from working, you may be able to receive compensation equal to the amount of money you would have made had you not been bitten.

  • Pain and Suffering – This is more of a non-economic damage calculation. A value is given to the pain and suffering that you have experienced because of the dog bite injury.

  • Mental Anguish and Emotional Distress – This is another non-economic damage calculation. Much like pain and suffering, a monetary amount is assigned to the mental anguish and emotional distress that you may have suffered as a result of the injuries.

Contact an Attorney for Immediate Help

If you or a loved one is a victim of a vicious dog bite attack in Jacksonville, Gillette Law, P.A. is here for you. With over two decades of experience, we are uniquely qualified to advocate for your rights and compensation. Your recovery is our goal. Contact us for a free consultation to see what we can do for you.




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