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Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Dog Bites > Incredible Physical Trauma Occurs in Relentless Florida Dog Attack

Incredible Physical Trauma Occurs in Relentless Florida Dog Attack

In recent WPBF News, a West Palm Beach, Florida, dog attack incident nearly cost the life of a man on February 24, 2016. Three pit bulls escaped their home and went strolling through the suburbs in search of human prey. The dogs came upon a homeless man asleep near a sidewalk in front of a local automotive store. The attack was vicious and completely unprovoked with video surveillance capturing the entire event. Luckily, a caller dialed 911 after hearing the man’s screams and police were on the scene within five minutes of the call, just in time to save the victim’s life. In the tense moments before the police arrived, the caller pleaded with the operator to hurry  the police, who were on their way, because of the ferocity with which the dogs were attacking  the man. The police immediately shot and killed one dog to save the man. Later, the remaining pit bulls were caught and euthanized.

Dog Attacks Seldom Fatal, But Injuries are Severe and the Experience Incredibly Traumatic

Only a few people die each year from dog attacks. Dog bite injuries,  such as the account above, are much more common. . The victim suffered serious injuries but is currently in stable condition at a local hospital. Victims of dog attacks can suffer serious and permanent damage to the legs, groin and face which are all areas that dogs generally attack. Even if the damage does not create a permanent physical disability, the psychological harm can be life-lasting, as well as the scars and social disabilities that go along with a serious disfigurement. The most dangerous dogs are the attack breeds such as pit bulls, doberman pinschersnand rottweilers. However, any large to medium sized dog can potentially kill or cause serious harm to a person, while smaller dogs, such as jack russell terriers, can inflict serious damage as well.

Police Dog Attack Ends in Lawsuit

The police do not always come to the rescue. According to the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Sheila Tataquason was mauled by a police dog well over two years ago during a completely botched attempt by the police to track down two people who had committed a robbery nearby. Tataquason was merely sitting in her backyard when the police dog came out of nowhere and tore into her hip with  the dog’s trainer a step behind. The officer arrested her and her friend. It took until this February for her lawsuit against the police to finalize. She received $20,000 in a small claims court for her injuries and severe emotional trauma.

Dog bites can be truly traumatic experiences. If you or a loved one was mauled by a dog, contact the law offices of Gillette Law, P.A. at 888-366-5904 to discuss the matter with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys.

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