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Recovering in a Wrongful Death Claim in Georgia

By Charles J. Gillette |

The loss of a loved one is devastating and confusing, made even more confusing when the death was caused by negligence of another. In Georgia, you may be able to recover for the wrongful death of a loved one. There are strict requirements regarding the filing of a wrongful death claim. A Georgia statute… Read More »


Nursing Home Abuse Whistleblower Awarded $5.2 Million

By Charles J. Gillette |

Recently, a licensed practical nurse (LPN) claimed she was fired for reporting abuse at a nursing home. To be sure, the nurse alleges that she was encouraged to increase doses of anti-anxiety medications to residents who were agitated. Additionally, the nurse asserts that she was instructed to delete or omit records that indicated suspicious… Read More »


Navy Wife Alleges Medical Malpractice 14 Years Later

By Charles J. Gillette |

Imagine going to the hospital anticipating nothing but joy with the birth of your child, but instead being subjected to a life altering injury. For one woman, this was a reality. Fourteen years ago, in 2003, a woman entered Naval Hospital Jacksonville to deliver her son through a planned Cesarean section. She was administered… Read More »


Military Academy Student Struck and Killed on Normandy Boulevard

By Charles J. Gillette |

A senior at Ed White Military Academy of Leadership was struck and killed crossing Normandy Boulevard on the morning of April 29th on her way to school. The driver said that the young woman walked into the path of his car, but stayed on the scene until police arrived. She was only 18 years… Read More »


Nursing Home Fined for Not Notifying Daughter of Mother’s Failing Health

By Charles J. Gillette |

Consulate Health Care has been added to Florida’s watch list for non-compliant nursing homes and forced to pay $26,000 in fines after they neglected to inform one of their resident’s daughters about her mother’s declining health. The Agency of Health Care Administration cited the Sarasota-based facility, Beneva Lakes Healthcare and Rehabilitation, for failure in… Read More »


Who’s at Fault When a Self-Driving Car Causes an Accident?

By Charles J. Gillette |

One of the more interesting aspects of traffic accident law in the age of Big Data and artificial intelligence is the question of self-driving vehicles. When a self-driving vehicle malfunctions, whose responsibility is it to deal with the fallout of the accident? Since autonomous cars don’t themselves carry auto insurance, let alone have assets… Read More »


Negligent Nurses Charged in Death of a World War II Veteran

By Charles J. Gillette |

A video has gone viral of a World War II veteran desperately calling out for help, only to be ignored. The veteran was staying at Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation. The man’s family was worried about him being in a nursing home, so the family placed a hidden camera in the room – one… Read More »


Florida is Number One in Motorcycle Accidents

By Charles J. Gillette |

The death of a loved one is devastating. There are now four more grieving families in the Jacksonville area after four motorcycle drivers were killed in only a three-day span. Investigations are ongoing, but the preliminary reports state that the drivers of the motorcycles are not at fault. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office stated that… Read More »


What is Product Liability?

By Charles J. Gillette |

Product liability refers to the rules surrounding who is liable for damages because of dangerous or defective products. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective or dangerous product, you may have a legal claim for damages against a number of parties – including a distributor, seller, design and manufacturer,… Read More »


What Does Personal Injury Mean?

By Charles J. Gillette |

If you are asking “what is a personal injury?”, chances are you or a loved one has been injured in some way. Ultimately, the answer has many parts. Personal injury is not one specific injury. Personal injury refers to a group of legal claims available to a plaintiff for injury or damages they have… Read More »

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