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Motorcyclist Killed in Collision with Semi Truck on Normandy Boulevard

By Charles J. Gillette |

When a tractor-trailer collides with another vehicle, the occupant of the other vehicle usually bears the brunt of the damage. This is especially true when the other vehicle is someone riding a motorcycle. The lack of protection available to most motorcyclists mean they are at greater risk of suffering serious injuries if they are… Read More »


What Happens if You are Attacked By a Vicious Dog?

By Charles J. Gillette |

There is no doubt that dogs are a beloved creature by many; they are “man’s best friend.” But, what happens when man’s best friend turns on you? Some dog breeds are vicious by nature and that viciousness is brought out further by the environment that the dog is raised in. If a dog bites… Read More »


Rear-End Car Accident Results in Loss of Life in Jacksonville

By Charles J. Gillette |

When people hear “rear end auto accident” they may assume that the motorists involved will be fine and the damage will be relegated to a fender-bender. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In some instances, a rear-end car accident can have tragic consequences.  Take, for example, the collision that occurred on 1-95 and… Read More »


Hit-and-Run Results in Death of Young Mother in Jacksonville

By Charles J. Gillette |

Causing a car accident is bad. Fleeing the scene of that accident is even worse. It basically sends the message that the reckless driver docs not care if the other driver and/or passenger(s) were hurt in the collision. They only care about their well-being and flee in the hopes of escaping liability. An example… Read More »


Jury Awards $27.8 Million to Plaintiffs Harmed by Xarelto

By Charles J. Gillette |

When a corporation shows a complete indifference to the health and safety of the general public, they should be held accountable. That was the message sent by a jury to Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson. The jury ordered these corporate behemoths to pay $27.8 million to a married couple as a result of… Read More »


Multi-Vehicle Accident in North Jacksonville Results in Loss of Life

By Charles J. Gillette |

When a motorist disobeys traffic Jaws and signals, devastating consequences may follow. A prime example can be found in the heartbreaking accident that occurred at the intersection of Main Street and Busch Drive in North Jacksonville. Reports indicate that the driver of a 2007 Nissan Sentra was heading southbound on Main Street at a… Read More »


Pedestrian Hit and Killed in Accident Near Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville

By Charles J. Gillette |

When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle the ramifications can be devastating. A prime example can be found in a recent tragic accident that occurred in Jacksonville. A man was hit and killed by a vehicle near Atlantic Boulevard and Bowlan Street, according to CBS 47 News. The pedestrian was transported to a… Read More »


Documents Typically Produced in a Jacksonville Personal Injury Case

By Charles J. Gillette |

If you or a loved one is seriously injured in an automobile collision in Jacksonville and you decide to hire a personal injury attorney and file a lawsuit, there will be a period of time known as “discovery.” This is where all parties, along with their counsel, get to ask questions, request documents and… Read More »


Pedestrian Hit and Killed on Interstate 95 in Brunswick

By Charles J. Gillette |

When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, the ramifications are oftentimes devastating. A prime example is the tragic accident that occurred on Interstate 95 close to northern Camden County in Brunswick. A retired physician was reportedly attempting to get a ladder out of the roadway that had fallen off his truck when he… Read More »


Tree-Trimming Truck Hits Police Officer in Jacksonville

By Charles J. Gillette |

When a large truck collides with a smaller vehicle, the individual on the smaller vehicle frequently endures significant harm. A prime example is an accident that occurred at the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and University Boulevard in Jacksonville. An officer on his police motorcycle was struck by a tree-trimming truck. The officer reportedly had… Read More »

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