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Parasite Found in Basil Spurring Lawsuits

By Charles J. Gillette |

While the contaminated basil has been found all over the U.S., there are at least three cases here in Jacksonville linked to a specific restaurant that served fresh basil contaminated with the cyclospora parasite. Each of them got sick after eating at Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant. Across the U.S., 132 have been sickened… Read More »


Teen Kills Himself After Confrontation About Sex Video

By Charles J. Gillette |

Laws on the books targeting teenagers who send sexual images of themselves or take video of themselves in sexual positions have long been the cause of controversy. Teens are being prosecuted under the same criminal statutes that pedophiles are charged under for making and producing sexually explicit images of minors. Yet the same legislation… Read More »


Man Killed by Keyless Car

By Charles J. Gillette |

No, it’s not like that Stephen King movie where the machines come to life and attack humans. This car was more insidious. According to his wife, Russel Fish was found dead in his bedroom with his dog who was also killed. Fish parked his keyless Toyota in his garage and then went to sleep… Read More »


Four Motorcycles Involved in Two Accidents on the Same Day

By Charles J. Gillette |

In early April, there were two accidents involving four motorcycles that left their riders in critical condition. While motorcyclists are often blamed for traffic accidents, the truth is often just the opposite. Since motorcyclists have a reputation for being thrill seeking adrenaline junkies, the theory goes that they often put themselves at unnecessary risk… Read More »


Some Laundry Dryers Appear to be Causing Fires

By Charles J. Gillette |

Defective dryer lawsuits are (pardon the pun) heating up as more plaintiffs step for alleging that the dryers are causing fires in their homes. One appliance maker, Whirlpool, in particular, has had a class-action filed against it related to their Cabrio and Duet models. Plaintiffs allege that the lint trap is defective, allowing the… Read More »


Family Files Lawsuit Against Riverdale After Son Dies of Heatstroke

By Charles J. Gillette |

Zachary Polsenberg, a Riverdale Highschool Student, died as a result of heatstroke during a 2017 football practice. Zachary was only 16 years old, eager to please his coach and show his teammates how tough he was. The family has named the school’s coach, the school board, and the county EMS in the lawsuit. Each… Read More »


Tiger Woods’ Restaurant Now Implicated in Cover Up

By Charles J. Gillette |

Attorneys for the family of Nicholas Immesberger are claiming that Tiger Woods’ restaurant deleted surveillance footage of Immesberger drinking at the bar the night he died in a one-car accident. Immesberger, a former employee of the bar, got loaded after his shift and then attempted to drive home. While typical cases involving this type… Read More »


Jury Awards $495M To Jacksonville Woman in Wrongful Death Suit

By Charles J. Gillette |

Kalil McCoy, a 20-year-old Jacksonville woman, was shot and killed after she had gotten into an argument with Frederick Wade. Wade was among four others who were driving in the car that day when he claims his weapon “accidentally” discharged killing McCoy. Wade was eventually convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 45 years… Read More »


Pro Se Litigant Loses Wrongful Death Lawsuit

By Charles J. Gillette |

A plaintiff who lost her daughter on a Royal Caribbean Cruise filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company and ended up getting the case dismissed with prejudice. In other words, not only was her case tossed out of court, the dismissal is binding and she cannot refile the case. This, of course, is… Read More »


Vaccine Compensation Fund Pays Out Millions Each Year

By Charles J. Gillette |

Vaccines are a topic that is teeming with misinformation. Everyone has at least one friend who shares memes on social media declaring that vaccines cause autism or a host of other serious disorders. Meanwhile, health officials, in response to this misinformation need to present a unified front that vaccines are safe for everybody. Vaccines… Read More »

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