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Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Auto Accidents > Massive 22-Vehicle Crash in Jacksonville Results in Injuries and Loss of Life

Massive 22-Vehicle Crash in Jacksonville Results in Injuries and Loss of Life

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When two vehicles collide, the damage can be bad. When twenty-two vehicles collide, the damage is catastrophic. This was highlighted in the 22-vehicle pileup that occurred on I-95 South near State Road 200. This horrific accident left one person is dead and thirteen people injured.

Reports indicate that a semi-truck was traveling southbound on I-95 when it failed to stop and wound up colliding with multiple vehicles. The wreck involved three semi-trucks, one camper, and 17 passenger vehicles such as sedans and SUVs, according to News 104.5.com.

Legal Counsel Critical in Large, Multi-Vehicle Collisions

If you or a family member was injured in an accident involving three or more vehicles, it is imperative that you sit down and discuss your legal options with an attorney. Why? Because multi-vehicle accidents are some of the most complex situations in the field of personal injury law. You will likely need to notify, and submit paperwork, to a myriad of auto insurance companies, investigate available coverage, and try to establish liability.

Liability in Multi-Vehicle Accident

One of the biggest issues in a multi-vehicle accident is determining which driver was ultimately at fault. Pinpointing causation can be challenging from a factual perspective. If you have a driver willing to admit that they operated their vehicle negligently, that can help clarify the chain of liability. Unfortunately, in these scenarios, that may not happen and drivers try to point to other issues such as the weather or construction to try and evade liability.

In the 22-vehicle accident described above, there will likely be multiple stories trying to explain what exactly happened. Though, the initial reports indicate that the driver of a semi-truck failed to exercise due care and set off the chain reaction wreck.

What If Multiple Drivers were Negligent?

Florida is a pure comparative negligence jurisdiction. This means that any financial recovery awarded to a plaintiff will be reduced by their own percentage of fault. For example, if Person X filed a personal injury claim against Person Y, but Person X was deemed to be 25 percent at-fault for causing the accident, then any monetary damages awarded to Person X will be reduced by 25 percent. This is a much more reasonable and balanced negligence standard as opposed to the contributory negligence standard. This standard prohibits a plaintiff from receiving monetary compensation in any amount if they were partially at-fault for the collision, even if by only 1 percent. Fortunately, only a few states still adhere to the contributory negligence standard (Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Alabama).

Given Florida’s comparative negligence standard, it is important that fault is apportioned appropriately so you can ensure you receive the most compensation possible. This will require a thorough investigation into the exact cause of the collision, which would include reviewing accident scene photos, reports filed by the Florida Highway Patrol, talking to witnesses, and so forth.

Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer Ready to Help

Do not be intimidated by the auto insurance companies. When you hire an experienced and skilled Jacksonville personal injury lawyer, you are leveling the playing field and making sure your legal rights are protected. Contact Gillette Law, P.A. today to schedule a free consultation.




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