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Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Personal Injury > Woman Claims McDonald’s Served Her Chemicals Instead Of Coffee

Woman Claims McDonald’s Served Her Chemicals Instead Of Coffee


A Georgia woman is suing Mcdonald’s after she claims that the fast-food giant served her chemicals instead of coffee. The plaintiff claims she noted right away that something was wrong because her throat started burning. She says that she will need to have multiple surgeries to repair the damage. She also claims that no one helped her when she asked for help after she drank the chemicals.

The incident occurred in 2020 when the plaintiff was headed through a McDonald’s drive-thru. She ordered a Caramel Macchiato but the employee told her that it was unavailable because the machine was currently being cleaned. Another employee responded that the machine was “ready to go” and that’s where the problem came into play. The machine, allegedly, was not ready to go and still had cleaner in it when the Caramel Macchiato was served.

According to the plaintiff, she took one sip of the drink and immediately suffered a burning and numbing sensation in her mouth. When she removed the lid, she found that there was no coffee in it at all, and instead, there was some sort of chemical. The plaintiff then pulled back into the McDonald’s to report the issue, but none of the employees seemed receptive to her complaint. A manager screamed at the employees but refused to allow the woman to see what chemical had caused the problem. The manager further refused to allow the paramedics to see the bottle for the chemical.

Analyzing the complaint 

McDonald’s is unlikely to raise a defense to beat this complaint but they will question how substantial the woman’s injuries are. The woman is unlikely to have drunk a great deal of the chemical, so how much actual damage the chemical caused to the plaintiff and whether or not drinking the chemical is responsible for all of her injuries would be an easier way to defend this case.

The woman claims that after drinking the chemical, doctors diagnosed her with scarring and narrowing of her throat, chronic gastritis, difficulty swallowing, acid reflux, and abdominal pain caused by inflammation and the erosion of some of the membranes in her stomach. In other words, the chemical caused serious and potentially permanent injuries. The woman says that she will need to have surgery on her throat to preserve her ability to swallow as scar tissue could make that more difficult.

This will be a very difficult case for McDonald’s to defend. Their employee served a customer chemical cleaner as opposed to a Caramel Macchiato and then the manager stonewalled the process of getting the plaintiff information concerning the chemical. Further, her injuries appear to be substantial and permanent and could lead to a reduced quality of life.

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