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Lawsuits Incoming As Kratom Users Die In Droves


Multiple lawsuits are incoming against kratom manufacturers after several people died suddenly over overdose deaths. While some of the herbal supplements you can purchase over the counter will do close to nothing, kratom is an actual drug that has been used for centuries in Asia to treat pain. Today, its sole legitimate use appears to be to help people wean themselves off of opioids which makes it a bit like an over-the-counter methadone.

The biggest problem with kratom, however, is that it’s addictive. The active ingredient, mitragynine, works on opioid receptors giving you an opioid-like high. Today, the product is being marketed as an herbal supplement, like a multivitamin.

Not learning the lesson 

Not everyone in the world believes that all drugs need to be controlled just because some people misuse them. However, these companies are not learning important lessons from previous lawsuits. Firstly, you have the vapor companies selling products with candy flavor, then they get sued. Now, you have the marijuana companies producing candy-flavored marijuana products. They didn’t learn from the vapor industry who didn’t learn from the tobacco industry.

Among the allegations leveled against vapor companies was that they mis-marketed their products as “less addictive” and/or “safer”. Now, you have kratom companies selling their products as “natural, herbal” remedies to “stress”. If the product was sold as a home option for those attempting to kick opioid addiction, the market would be much smaller, but there would be fewer people overdosing.

Today, you have people taking kratom shots with dinner on a daily basis for no other reason than it’s widely available.


Efforts to add kratom to the controlled substances list have been met with a universal shrug. The war on drugs is now unpopular and efforts to tackle fentanyl and meth production in the U.S. have caused other efforts to fall by the wayside. Meanwhile, you have U.S. companies contributing to the problem by flooding our streets with oxycodone and similar pharmaceuticals. So, legislative efforts to tackle kratom aren’t the biggest deal right now.

On the flip side, the recent deaths are causing politicians to take notice once again, and a bill to regulate kratom is being revived. The regulations would not make kratom illegal, but they should prevent companies from making certain claims, restrict access to those over the age of 21, and hopefully prevent it from being sold as a dietary supplement from gas stations.

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