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Apartment Complex Sued After Woman Is Killed By Estranged Husband


A lawsuit has been filed against an apartment complex after a woman was murdered by her estranged husband. The woman’s mother has filed a lawsuit against the apartment complex claiming that they never checked the individual’s ID before allowing him to enter. The lawsuit claims that had management followed its own policies, the tenant would still be alive.

The victim, who was a well-known TikToker, was shot in the back of the head before her husband turned the gun on himself. The husband claimed he was there looking at an apartment, but the doorperson did not verify that claim. Instead, the man entered the premises with a backpack, a gun, and a garment bag with his wife’s wedding dress inside. At the time, the husband was on a no-entry list, a fact that would have been apparent had they checked his ID. The man checked out two apartments and then told the leasing agent he wanted to check up on some friends who lived there.

According to the family, the victim filed for divorce after her husband had a mental health event in which he attempted to push his wife out of a window. He also attempted suicide and was hospitalized for weeks before being released. The victim had the locks changed and her husband’s name was taken off the lease. The husband was placed on a no-entry list.

Analyzing the allegations 

Well, this is a no-brainer. The allegations against the apartment complex are damning. Because of two overt lapses in security, a woman lost her life to a violent estranged husband who was placed on a no-entry list. If the apartment complex had followed its own policies, the woman would still be alive. The apartment complex essentially has no defense to these claims.

In most cases, apartment complexes accused of negligent security point to all of the security they do provide and argue that it is good enough or exceeds government requirements. In a case like this, they have no regulation to point to. They had an internal policy of checking IDs which they did not do and someone died as a result of that.

In cases like this, you typically have settlements that are filed under seal. Because the allegations are damning and it’s more than likely that the apartment complex doesn’t want this to tarnish its reputation, they will move to settle the lawsuit under seal. To seal the terms of the lawsuit and reduce the media exposure, they will have to pay.

In most states, landlords have a special duty of care toward domestic violence victims. In this case, the woman did everything she should have done to protect herself, and yet, a lapse in procedure through no fault of her own cost her her life. It should have never happened.

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