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Allegations Against Kratom Manufacturers In Wrongful Death Lawsuits


The kratom industry has recently been hit with two wrongful death lawsuits alleging that customers died after using the substance. Kratom is a drug that produces narcotic effects by acting on the same receptors that opioid-based drugs do. It also can produce stimulant effects in lower doses.

In Georgia, the substance is widely available in highly-concentrated doses at places like gas stations where it is legally sold. Other states have moved to restrict where kratom can be sold, require licensing for selling kratom, and more.

Kratom has been available on the U.S. market for about a decade. It was traditionally sold in “head shops” as an alternative to methadone and other drugs to mitigate the pain caused by opioid withdrawal.

Today, it is being sold in Georgia gas stations as a “dietary supplement” in ultra-concentrated doses. The effects are predictable. There have been at least two high-profile deaths reported in the last month related to kratom supplements.

Failure to warn and misleading marketing 

X, as an American company, can usually make a dangerous product available to the public without necessarily risking a lawsuit. For example, the drug that causes the majority of deaths each year is acetaminophen, a readily-available, over-the-counter pain reliever that when taken in sufficient quantities can cause death. Further, cigarettes are still available despite the fact that we know they are unhealthy and cause cancer. What is the difference? Well, the packaging clearly tells you that the product is unsafe, and you are warned about the potential adverse effects prior to taking it.

A company that misleads customers as to the safety of its product not only risks a personal injury lawsuit, but several other claims that are tantamount to saying they defrauded the public. In this case, the fraud involves misrepresenting a dangerous drug that is being synthesized to make it as strong as possible.

Ultimately, the wrongful death lawsuits filed against kratom manufacturers will include allegations that the customers did not understand the consequences of long-term abuse or short-term overuse. Most people consider “dietary supplements” to be harmless or beneficial. Most people would not lump heroin or even marijuana in the same category as a “dietary supplement”.

Addiction lawsuits against kratom manufacturers 

As of right now, the only lawsuits that kratom manufacturers are facing are related to wrongful death. However, it is distinctly possible that the manufacturers can face lesser claims related to addiction, medical expenses, loss of employment, and loss of quality of life related to an addiction that was caused by the mismarketing of the substance. Ultimately, the company is responsible for marketing a dangerous drug as a dietary supplement. Anyone who uses kratom on a daily basis will become addicted.

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