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Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Truck Accidents > Lawsuit Filed Against 3 Trucking Companies After Amtrak Derailment

Lawsuit Filed Against 3 Trucking Companies After Amtrak Derailment


A lawsuit has been filed against 3 trucking companies and the driver after the truck became stuck on the tracks and caused an Amtrak derailment in Lakeland, FL. The lawsuit claims that the driver was negligent for the crash and failed to operate the truck in a reasonably safe manner. The companies are faulted for having negligently entrusted the driver with their vehicle. The three companies are alleged to have failed to vet the driver prior to sending him off on delivery. The lawsuit claims that the driver was unfit to operate a commercial vehicle and that the companies should have known this prior to sending him off on delivery.

As of right now, there are 14 plaintiffs who sustained an injury named in the lawsuit. Each of those could be entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages related to the crash. The crash also created significant delays for those who were not injured.

Negligent entrustment and hiring 

Trucking companies can be held accountable for negligently entrusting their vehicle to a driver who does not possess the requisite skill to operate it. This theory of torts is known as negligent entrustment and hiring. Trucking companies have a duty of care to ensure that all of their drivers are skilled enough to handle certain deliveries. In this case, the plaintiffs contend that the trucking company entrusted their vehicle to an under-skilled driver who got his rig stuck on the train tracks causing millions of dollars in property damage and at least 14 injuries.

Deputies reported that the accident occurred at about 7 p.m. on July 14 after the truck became stuck on the tracks while hauling 7 vehicles in its trailer. The Amtrak train was headed from Miami to New York and had 163 passengers and 10 crew members aboard. The train approached the crossing where the truck was stuck at about 78 mph. The train began blowing its horn as it approached the waylaid truck. The incident caused between $6 million and $10 million in property damage.

Suing a trucking company in Jacksonville, FL 

When a negligent truck driver causes an accident, you can file a lawsuit against the truck driver and the company that they work for. This is known as vicarious liability under the law. The trucking company is responsible for vetting all of its drivers and ensuring they comply with certain requirements. When they fail in this duty of care, they can be sued.

You are entitled to recover damages related to your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. Accidents such as these often cause catastrophic injuries and result in multi-million-dollar lawsuits for plaintiffs.

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