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Seeking Compensation For Elder Abuse

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home may not be an easy one, although it may be the best decision depending on the sort of care the person needs.  In addition to medical assistance, most people who go to nursing homes do so to receive daily assistance with tasks such as bathing, eating, grooming, and using the bathroom, which they can no longer accomplish alone.  It is therefore disheartening that in some nursing homes, residents who are so dependent on the staff are mistreated and neglected, which can lead to serious medical issues and in some cases, death.

Because of the residents’ advanced age, most of the injuries that occur in a nursing home can cause serious injury.  Even a fall can result in hospitalization and even surgery, and cause permanent physical problems for the resident.  This is why it is important to ensure that the staff at the nursing home is professional and well trained to keep preventable injuries from happening.  The use of extensive background checks should be a key part of employing a nursing home caregiver.

Neglecting residents’ needs by failing to change them in a timely manner when they have soiled their clothes, failing to feed residents appropriate meals, failing to assist those who need feeding assistance, or by failing to respond to their physical injuries is a form of abuse.  Verbally assaulting a resident is also abuse.  It is important for family members to keep an eye out for signs of abuse and neglect such as the presence of bedsores, bruises, malnutrition, emotional withdrawal, and similar injuries which should raise concern and at least merit an investigation.

In addition to emotional and physical abuse, nursing home residents may also be susceptible to financial abuse.  Financial abuse can occur through identity theft, where the residents’ existing accounts are used without their consent, or new credit accounts are opened using their personal information.  Even where consent may be granted, it may have been forced or coerced from the resident.

Nursing home abuse is against the law, and criminal prosecutions are possible against caregivers.  In addition to reporting issues of abuse and neglect to the authorities, family members of residents can also assist them by seeking compensation through a civil lawsuit.  A nursing home resident who has suffered abuse can receive compensation for his injuries, any financial losses, and any pain and suffering caused by the abuse and neglect.  In addition to providing compensation, a civil lawsuit may lead to changes in how a nursing home does business and perhaps keep other residents from being abused.

Let Us Assist You

If your loved one is in a nursing home and you have observed signs of mistreatment or neglect, you need to take action as soon as possible to protect your loved one.  Contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can discuss the options available to you and your loved one. Reach out to Gillette Law, P.A. for a free consultation on your case.

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