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Is Your Injury Catastrophic?

Some injuries are serious and others rise to the level of catastrophic. One thing is certain — the medical costs and economic income loss associated with catastrophic injuries can be extreme. If you or a loved one suffers from severe, permanent injuries caused by someone else’s negligence, find out how a catastrophic injury attorney in Florida can help.

Florida statutes go into extensive detail defining catastrophic injuries as “a permanent impairment constituted by:

  • Spinal cord injury involving severe paralysis of an arm, a leg or the trunk
  • Amputation of an arm, hand, foot or leg involving effective  loss of use of that appendage
  • Severe brain or closed head injury as evidenced by:
    • Severe sensory or motor disturbances
    • Severe complex integrated disturbances of cerebral function
    • Severe episodic neurological disorders
    • Other severe brain or closed-head injury conditions at least as severe in nature as the above
    • Second or third degree burns of 25 percent or more of the total body surface or third degree burns of five percent or more of the face and hands
    • Blindness involving complete vision loss
    • Loss of reproductive organs that affect  the ability to procreate

A Jacksonville catastrophic injury lawyer can help you prove that the other party’s negligence caused your injury. An attorney can estimate economic and non-economic damages and provide convincing arguments to help you recover compensation.

The Gillette Law Firm takes cases based on contingency, which means you owe no fees unless we recover compensation through settlement or verdict.

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