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Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Personal Injury > Jacksonville Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Department Of Corrections After Inmate Dies Due To Alleged Beating

Jacksonville Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Department Of Corrections After Inmate Dies Due To Alleged Beating


A Jacksonville family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Florida Department of Corrections after they allege that their loved one was beaten to death. The 43-year-old victim died in his prison cell on Easter Sunday of 2018. An attorney representing the family alleges that prison guards beat and pepper sprayed the victim while he was being transferred for a medical procedure. After the beating, he was placed in a prison cell with another inmate. There, he died hours later.

The family alleges that the victim was pulled from the breakfast line for wearing religious headwear. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff had various defensive wounds on his body. The family’s attorney says that the plaintiff’s cause of death was originally ruled a homicide. Authorities say that he was stabbed by another inmate. However, FDLE investigators later said that his cause of death was inaccurate and eventually, it was changed to “undetermined”. The victim’s body was exhumed to determine the actual cause of death, and a new medical examiner will be assigned to examine his body. It is believed that the victim had a fractured neck. The victim had just four years remaining on a 25-year sentence.

The wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Florida Department of Corrections makes several allegations including a delay of adequate medical treatment with deliberate indifference to the victim’s serious medical needs.

Elements of negligence and intentional wrongdoing 

Much is unknown when it comes to specific allegations regarding this case and there is broadscale confusion on several levels. It appears that authorities had initially believed that another inmate stabbed the victim, but the family is alleging that the victim was beaten and pepper sprayed by guards who attacked him for unknown reasons. A jury will determine the truth behind the allegations and the medical examiner will determine the real cause of death.

Lawsuits filed against the Department of Corrections are winnable. In many cases, the victims are denied adequate medical care and this results in their death. Lawsuits have been filed against both the Department of Corrections and the private companies that provide the prisons with medical services. In this case, the victim was supposed to be transferred for a medical procedure when he was severely beaten by guards allegedly for wearing religious headwear while in line for breakfast.

The family contends that the beating was not justified and their loved one didn’t deserve to die that day. They allege that he should have been taken to his medical procedure instead of suffering a beating and being dumped in a cell afterward.

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