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Former NFL Star Named In Wrongful Death Suit Erupting From Youth Football Game


A former NFL football player has been named in a wrongful death lawsuit after his brother allegedly shot and killed someone during a youth football game. According to authorities, the coaches had a problem with the way the game was being called. The lawsuit names both brothers and the youth football league in which they are coaches. The victim was the opposing team’s coach and not one of the officials.

According to the lawsuit, the opposing team scored after a taunting penalty which gave rise to tension. The officials ended the game with time remaining after the coaches became physically and verbally abusive toward officials. The opposing coach went to retrieve the game ball, which belonged to his son when one of the brothers threw a punch. The coach was dazed, on the ground, and as he attempted to stand up, the brother of the NFL star pulled a gun and shot him five times in the chest. The brother was a convicted felon at the time of the assault and not allowed to own a gun. He is facing first-degree murder charges in Texas.

Analyzing the situation 

The family of the victim has filed a lawsuit against both brothers and the league. The league contends that because the game was a preseason game, they had no control over the fields, the officials, and exerted no control over the situation at all. Additionally, the plaintiffs want to name the former NFL star in the lawsuit since it was his brother who placed him in a position to work with youth football players. However, the same allegation can be made against the league.

One would imagine that passing a background check is a prerequisite for working with youth in Texas. Most states do have such requirements and having a prior felony on your record is generally a barrier to working in such positions. So, one could argue that the league erred by allowing a former felon to coach a youth league in violation of the law. The league will likely contend they did not exert control over the preseason and had no authority to prevent the coach from bringing his brother.

It remains unclear how the felon was able to bring a gun to a youth football match, but that will determine how successful the claims against the league itself are.

Negligent security 

The lawsuit would be filed on a theory of negligent security. The plaintiffs would claim that the defendants created an unreasonably dangerous situation by allowing a felon with a gun to have a supervisory role in a youth sports match. The league will say it had no control over the venue or officials while the shooter will claim the incident was self-defense.

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