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Georgia Supreme Court Rules on Woman Left in Coma

By Charles J. Gillette |

Several years after a woman was left in a coma, a recent Georgia Supreme Court ruling could have a wide-ranging impact on similar cases. The woman, Delia Bibbs, suffered catastrophic injuries when the clasp on her seatbelt allegedly failed during a car accident. Her husband filed suit against Toyota, who they claim manufactured a… Read More »


Families File Suit after Couple Dies in DUI Crash

By Charles J. Gillette |

In a lawsuit that can have implications for the company that employed the man, Shawn Blitchington was charged with DUI manslaughter in the deaths of a Nassau County couple who had the misfortune of crossing his path. According to reports, Blitchington was driving the company’s truck when he crossed into oncoming traffic colliding with… Read More »


Family of 18-year-old Files Wrongful Death in Fatal Tesla Crash

By Charles J. Gillette |

The family of an 18-year-old has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Tesla and a worker at a Tesla service center after the worker removed a failsafe in the car’s system that prevented it from going over 85 mph. The young man, who was a passenger in the vehicle driven by his friend, was… Read More »


Teen is Shot in the Head During Robbery, Family Intends to Sue

By Charles J. Gillette |

Florida is fairly renowned across the country for its controversial Stand Your Ground law. Essentially, Stand Your Ground removes the duty to retreat when you feel your life is in imminent danger. In other states, you are only allowed to use lethal force if you can show that you exhausted all other options. In… Read More »


Family Gets $495 Million after Fatal Shooting

By Charles J. Gillette |

A Jacksonville family was awarded nearly half a billion dollars in their wrongful death lawsuit against the man who fatally shot their loved one during an argument. The shooter, Frederick Lee Wade, was sentenced to 45 years for second-degree murder while two associates were charged and convicted of being accessories after the fact for… Read More »


Death from Above: The Sad Tale of the Robinson R44

By Charles J. Gillette |

When a product has an extraordinarily high failure rate, that is always a cause for concern. When the failure rate reaches a double-digit death toll, there’s usually something going on behind the scenes. That was the case with Takata’s airbags that exploded in people’s faces and it was also the case with Goodyear’s G159…. Read More »


Belize Woman Sues John McAfee in Wrongful Death Act

By Charles J. Gillette |

In a case that has all the makings of a murder mystery, police found the neighbor of tech and security guru John McAfee shot dead in Belize. Now the man’s daughter is suing McAfee for the murder under Florida’s Wrongful Death Act. McAfee himself has repeatedly denied any connection to the man’s death but… Read More »


Family of Police Shooting Victim Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

By Charles J. Gillette |

In a state where it is very difficult to convict anyone of shooting anyone else, families have begun suing shooters in civil court. Recently, the family of a man who was shot by a Florida City police officer has begun to lay the groundwork for a wrongful death lawsuit. According to police officer Frantz… Read More »


Mother Sues University after Daughter Dies in Eating Contest

By Charles J. Gillette |

The mother of a Connecticut college student is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Sacred Heart University after her daughter died choking on a pancake in a competitive eating competition. The daughter was majoring social work in social work. Her father was one of the men and women who gave their lives as first… Read More »


Wrongful Death Lawsuits Hit Orlando Company after Tragic Accident

By Charles J. Gillette |

One family was vacationing in Missouri when they boarded a boat used for duck tours operated by the Orlando company, Ripley Entertainment, which owns and operates a “Ride The Ducks” tour boat. The boat sank in a severe thunderstorm taking nine of the eleven vacationing members of the family along with it. They were… Read More »

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