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Another Kraton Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Family Sues After Death Of Chemist


The family of a Florida resident who overdosed on kratom has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the chain of smoke shops that sold him the substance. This is the latest in a spate of wrongful death lawsuits filed against kratom manufacturers and retailers. According to the lawsuit, the 41-year-old decedent was found unresponsive in his home on December 13, 2022. His family contends that medical examiners pointed to a lethal dose of mitragyna speciosa, the scientific term for the chemical compound known colloquially as kratom, as the primary cause of his death.

The decedent’s family accused the smoke shop of knowingly selling a dangerous substance to the public without warning them of the potential dangers. They allege that the smoke shop knows its customers are at risk of death but is doing little to educate customers on proper dosing, the hazards associated with kratom, and potential interactions with other substances.

Their lawsuit is the latest in a series of lawsuits filed against kratom manufacturers and retailers. These lawsuits allege that kratom is sold as a potential alternative to pain-reliever medicines like opioids but can cause seizures, respiratory failure, and fatal overdoses.

Similar lawsuits have resulted in multi-million dollar judgments against kratom distributors. In one case, a federal judge in West Palm Beach awarded more than $11 million to the family of a Boynton Beach nurse who overdosed on kratom in July. Other lawsuits have also resulted in multi-million dollar jury awards against distributors. These lawsuits allege that kratom is intrinsically dangerous and can lead to overdose deaths, but manufacturers do not warn customers about the inherent dangers of taking the substance.

Failure to warn and intrinsic dangers 

Lawsuits against kratom manufacturers and retailers make two allegations against companies that produce and distribute the substance. They say that the substance is intrinsically dangerous and that those selling it are failing to warn the public about those dangers. Since kratom is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, it is up to manufacturers and suppliers to place warnings on the substance. However, many manufacturers and suppliers downplay the potential dangers of taking kratom while touting it as a miracle cure for everything from anxiety to pain relief. For those using the substance, it’s difficult to know what a safe dosage looks like and in many cases, kratom appears to be addictive. Attempts to ban the sale of kratom in the U.S. have yet to yield any actionable results. With more individuals dying, however, there may be a broader push by legislators to remove the substance from the chain of commerce.

Until then, the only recourse that families have is to file a wrongful death lawsuit after their loved one has overdosed.

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